Being coached has helped me in ways that I expected—and in ways I had never considered before

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  • Practice is important, but…

It is the level in which we pursue emotional maturity that determines the type of adult we grow up to be.

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Coaching has helped me understand myself more thoroughly — through increased curiosity, understanding, and learning

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  • We call our parents every day without fail because we worry about what…

Sometimes we just feel stuck, not sure where to go or what to do. Rather than letting it get you down, let’s explore a bit further and see how to best understand why we’re stuck and how to get unstuck.

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We experience family in different ways, over the course of our lives. As our growth process evolves, we must be aware of where our families are helping or hindering that evolution.

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Creativity is a way to connect, develop skill, and transform. In its pursuit, we become stronger, more resilient people. No better way to represent this than through the lens of a craft beer glass.

The Creativity of Craft Beer

One of my favorite things to do in life is try new craft beer. Admittedly, this is a bit of a left turn from my typical content and attempts at more profound thoughts. But beer is widely considered one of the more complex and creative fermented beverages in the world. I love it for reasons far beyond the loss of inhibition.

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For those of us who value our own development and the development of people close to us or with whom we work, coaching can be an incredibly effective tool.

Adult In Training

We have a responsibility to train ourselves. Our growth and maturation as adults is a deliberate process that requires a lifelong, cyclical effort of practice, reflection, and improvement. I have written about this and continue to remind myself and whomever reads, as often as possible. Our potential is limitless. Yet as adults, we face innumerable challenges in finding the necessary coherence between our emotional and rational selves. This should come as a surprise to no one.

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For those of us on this life-long learning journey, the values we hold can make or break the impact of our efforts. Deliberately reflecting on our values, as often as possible, is essential to our growth and maturation processes.

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In better understanding detachment and where it can help in our maturation processes, we give our gut the chance to catch up to our mind to create a more coherent growth journey.

Deliberate Detachment

In my philosophical and spiritual studies and practice, I find that detachment is one of the more difficult concepts to embody. Particularly through the stoic teachings, where I find myself most connected, it isn’t difficult to rationally see how healthy and beneficial indifference can be. My mind understands how detachment from desire can lead to greater appreciation and gratitude for life’s gifts. My mind understands that the best relationships I have are the ones where I bring the best version of myself. My mind fully grasps the importance of learning from the process of pursuing a goal or vision. My…

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Despite the power of experiential learning, there is still a necessary deliberate learning practice that must accompany our processes.

A Life-Long Process

It never ends. From the second we are born to the moment we die, we have the ability to learn. In the beginning, it’s easy. We don’t really have a choice. Life comes at us fast and the first 25 or so years are spent frantically trying to figure it all out. After that, we’re still frantic, but for different reasons. Those reasons, aka the stresses and challenges that make up the adult experience, have the capability of distracting us from the once natural process of learning.

Alex Rood

Leader & coach deliberately focused on becoming a better human being each day. It is a process of slow growth, and it’s the only way -

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